What Every Author Can Learn From The 4-Hour Chef Pre-launch

What Every Author Can Learn From The 4-Hour Chef Pre-launch

One of my favourite authors Tim Ferris is back at it again. Tim is rolling out content, offering prize money and above all else, building anticipation in lead up to his new book release, The 4-Hour Chef which is scheduled for release in late November. His new book pre-launch is once again shaping up to be a great example of how to launch a book.

Tim Ferris is the new York times bestselling author for his books The 4-Hour Work Week and The 4-Hour Body, with the latter being his second book which benefited greatly from his well established platform.

I recently read his post, ‘The 4-Hour Chef: The 8-Second Book Trailer (and competition)’ and I was delighted to see his pre-launch marketing efforts turning up a gear.

In this post Tim presents an eight second video clip that was footage originally shot for the trailer of his previous book. He’s creatively repurposed some old footage and used it as part of a pre-launch strategy piece for his new book. He then offers his readers two thousand dollars to come up with a new eight second soundtrack for the old footage. Last I checked there was already over a hundred entries.

A fantastic and creative example, of how to build anticipation and engagement with your readers. He actually started with book announcements and marketing at the end of 2011. This eight second trailer blog post comes six months out from release, not six days like many authors unfortunately do.

He’s creating buzz by offering prizes and giving free valuable content to his readers. He’s already offered free recipes, tips on how to age your wine and exclusive book teaser material.

This is an example of a strategic pre-launch campaign that creates a New York Times bestseller.

Tim doesn’t rely on the heavens to bring him top selling status like many authors do. He’s hungry for it, he plans for it and he takes the required action which achieves that status.

“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity” – Oprah Winfrey

He’s executing a planned strategy, factoring in delivering content, dates, events and more. He maps out when and how he’s going to roll out his content and promotional strategies. Don’t just take my word for it, take note of Tim’s progress and see for yourself.

This is a great example of why it’s SO IMPORTANT to build your author platform. To build a home base, your website.

I encourage you to follow Tim’s pre-launch progress and take lots of notes for yourself on how to launch a book. Think of what ideas you can use for building your pre-launch buzz and execute an effective, successful book pre-launch campaign.

Plan, execute, launch!

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