Podcast Interview: How to Get a Book Published in Today’s New Media World

Podcast Interview: How to Get a Book Published in Today’s New Media World

With online business and blogging veteran Yaro Starak.

Recently I had the pleasure of doing an interview with Yaro Stark from Entrepreneurs-Journey.

Yaro Stark is a blogging and online business veteran. He has always made his living in the online world, having generated over a million dollars just within the last few years from his online business.

He started his online empire with his first website being a trading centre for the card game Magic the Gathering, before moving onto even greater success with his Entrepreneurs-Journey business and subsequent products and courses he created.

Yaro invited me onto his show, because Yaro himself is looking to publish his first print book and wanted my advice on the various ways he could publish.

He asks some great questions, so whether you’re publishing your first or third book, you’ll certainly get value from this packed interview.

One more thing…

Yaro is someone who I’d like to see more authors get exposed to and see what is really possible in today’s online and digitally connected world.

As a writer (content creator) the opportunities are practically endless.

What we discuss during the Interview

  • Some of the differences between independent publishing and traditional publishing, and why choose one over the other.
  • Being an author in today’s global economy, not just in the U.S.
  • Considerations for the different aspects of book production, like book cover design, typesetting (also referred to as print layout) and printing.
  • Print-on-demand, and why it is a game changer for today’s independent publishers.
  • The best printer and distributor options I recommend and why it opens up opportunities for authors today.
  • How can you get your print books into bricks and mortar stores as an independent publisher.
  • How important is Amazon and Kindle for authors today.
  • How will publishing a book help someone like Yaro, a super blogger who teaches in a specific market.

Big thanks to Yaro for having me on as a guest.

Enjoy the show!

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