Great Podcasts for Writers and Authors

Great Podcasts for Writers and Authors

I’m a big podcast advocate, perhaps you might call me a podcast junkie. I have a wide selection of my favourite podcasts I listen to regularly on my iPhone, that is attached to my hip. I find podcasts allow me to use what would otherwise be ‘dead time’, such as commuting or whilst driving.

Some podcasts give me the inspirational fuel I need to continuing driving forward and clearing out any uncertainty I might be feeling at any one time. While other podcasts allow me to consume more training and learning information while I’m on the go, that I might not otherwise have time to do back in the office.

Here’s a selection of five publishing related podcasts from a junkie, you can check out to assist you in taking your writing skills, publishing knowledge and goal kicking to the next level.

Beyond the Book – Average episode running time: 20 mins

For issues, industry information, trends, statistics about today’s publishing and information industries. What I particularly like about this podcast is it’s slightly more business focused topics and hosts professional guests that are experts in specific fields, such as sales statistics and industry sales trends. For those who understand publishing is indeed a business, whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction, be sure to check this out.

The Creative Penn – Average episode running time: 35 mins

Joanna Penn’s long running podcast continues to provide valuable information and inspiration over a wide variety of topics relating to writing and publishing. From sharing her own experience, to frequent guest interviews with industry professionals and authors. I’ve been a long time supporter of Joanna’s ever since my first interview with her a couple of years ago.

Grammar Girl – Average episode running time: 8 mins

For quick and dirty tips for improving your writing, regarding punctuation, grammar and style. These writing essentials are something we can all improve on, regardless of the writing niche. The episodes are short and sweet, you’ll get through the backlog pretty quickly.

Writing Excuses – Average episode running time: 15 mins

Four writers gather together to discuss writing techniques, from structure, self editing, plotting, research and finding your voice. Unlike the other podcasts I’ve mentioned here, I’ve not personally listened to this podcast at great length. It’s on the list because it’s quite popular among writers and has been suggested to me in conversations, so I thought I’d throw this in.

The Writing Show – Average episode running time: 45mins

This podcast doesn’t just focus on those writing commercial fiction and non-fiction, but also branches out with discussions relating to screenplays, songs, reports, reviews and poetry. I do think every now and then, they could throw in a little more coverage on blog writing.

I hope you enjoy and get value from this selection. You’ll likely find just two or three of these interest you most that will become regular listening. What other podcasts do you listen to? Share below with a comment.

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