Fast-Track Your Independent Author Career at Get Published Live Publishing Event

Fast-Track Your Independent Author Career at Get Published Live Publishing Event

Don’t spin your wheels and go around in circles.

Many authors spend months, even years seeking out the right information about the best ways to independently publish.

It’s a world full of conflicting information and confusion.

There are still some authors who are still hoping one day that some publisher will pick their hopes and dreams out of thin air and grant them what used to be the holy grail of an author’s new career. Being published by a trade publisher.

Up until 6 years ago, that might of been the a good play.

But it’s not 1995, or 2008 … it’s 2013.

Where the game of being paid for your writing and building a readership of loyal fans has changed forever.

The world is going through rapid change, and writers and authors need to adapt or be left behind.

Independent authors like Hugh Howey, Darcie Chan and Bella Andre have earned very good income as independent authors who embraced the changes in publishing and how to reach readers. They’ve gone on to become bestsellers. Some have even been cherry picked by trade publishers because of their success.

But you’ve got to…

  • Have a good book product
  • Look professional
  • Have some sort of platform

That’s why I’ve put together Get Published Live.

So writers and authors like you can save themselves all those months and years of pain, trying to find the best information on independent publishing and avoid the pirates of the publishing seas.

It’s going to be packed!

This is a publishing event full of quality information in one place, with the opportunity to talk one-on-one with myself and other presenters about your personal publishing goals.

If you’re ready to discover …

  • Strategies that work no matter what genre or topic you write
  • How to take advantage of technology to increase your speed to market on a budget
  • Find out the best way to independently publish so the bucks stop with you
  • How you can make your print book available to libraries, stores and online
  • How to publish a book that stands side by side with the big guys
  • How you can release your book to a buying audience
  • Chat and share the experience with other writers and authors
  • One-on-one time to chat with presenters

You DON’T want to miss this!

For more event details and what you’ll discover visit Get Published Live.

If you’re in Australia, I look forward to seeing you there!

Be the captain of your own ship.

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