Put on Your Hat, Get Published and Take Charge of Your Future

Put on Your Hat, Get Published and Take Charge of Your Future

Print on Demand, e-books and accessibility create an abundance of opportunity.

This is what’s at the fingertips of writers and authors today, and yet, some authors start off balancing on one leg, rather than standing with two feet on solid ground.

Deciding to independently publish is one thing, but being a successful writer who actually wants to make an income from their work and build a loyal fan base is another. To achieve the latter, a writer shouldn’t get starry-eyed at the idea of publishing their book, but actually consider their publishing venture more intentionally.

Here’s the dichotomy I hear from some writers:

“I want to make an income from my writing.”

Then to say…

“But I don’t like to do deal with marketing or any business stuff.”

To be more specific, this is heard largely from fiction writers and authors because they are creatives at heart and immerse themselves in imagination and their fictional world. This is understandable, I get it.

But falling into a slump with a sigh at the very thought of the business and marketing side of publishing doesn’t help you. The authors that are making an income, building a name and an audience for themselves have embraced the fact that today’s consumer and publishing climate has changed and will continue to change. They are the only gatekeeper to decide their fate as a professional author.

They’ve adapted to wear not just the writers “hat”, but the business and marketing “hat” as well.

This approach allows them to enjoy being in the top 10-15% of authors that become the cream that rises to the top – making a significant income from their books.

Before publishing your book, you should get clear on your goal as an author and be intentional about your decisions if you want to join the authors who find an audience and make an income.

The days of throwing your manuscript into the wind, seeking the approval of some stranger in a dark room who’ll give you the magic pill of confidence are gone.

Publishing doesn’t work that way anymore and the future is in the firm hand of “content creators” who have a platform.

The future belongs to content creators

The content creators are those who take control and don’t seek permission. They understand it’s just about providing value to their readers directly. As content creators they can publish their books any way they please, in any format, for any price.

They will have strong platforms with their small army of a thousand true fans. They’ll innovate with how they choose to deliver their stories, message and content to readers. They’ll enjoy the flexibility to embrace new technologies that deliver a new experience for their super fans.

Book apps and enhanced e-books anyone? They’re coming. Get ready.

Content creators are the writers and authors who adapt to a changing publishing industry, embrace the new model of being an independent content creator offering books and products for their tribe.

Future proof yourself and be able to switch hats

Independent publishing and taking control of your writing future requires an author to be able to switch “hats” when required, regardless of whether you write nonfiction, fiction or children’s books. The authors who come to Book Cover Cafe, go on to selling books, getting media attention and having loyal fans learn to wear the “other hat”, which is the business and marketing “hat” rolled into one.

Don’t worry, not all authors start out being clear on both the writing and business side of publishing, but they do something about it. They read books, they learn from other authors and they find mentors. These authors learn to be more proactive and strategic with their efforts.

Adapt or be left behind

Whether you adapt and change or not, the industry will continue to grow and change.

  • Don’t read e-books yet?
  • Don’t like the idea of marketing?
  • Do you find an excuse for not taking action?

You know what, that’s okay, but I’ll tell you this.

People’s buying habits are have changed. The publishing industry continues to shift, and will constantly evolve whether you accept and embrace change or not.

There are still writers who sit sheepishly on the fence, throwing wisps of hope into the air that some big publisher will throw them a bone. They go to markets, start writing projects with no solid purpose or reason, just because it makes them feel good and busy. There’s no intentional or strategic reasoning supporting a larger goal of building an author brand.

They’re still clutching onto the days of old.

These are the authors that go around, and around, and around in circles. They will lose.

It’s the authors who understand that they are the “content creators” and the only gatekeeper is them. They are excited and comfortable with wearing more than one “hat” and becoming the captain of their own ship sailing into a future laden with opportunity.

Be the captain of your own ship.

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