Amazon Australia: What This Means For You

Amazon Australia: What This Means For You

I said not long ago to some clients that this announcement was coming.

This one is for the Australian authors out there, who have dealt with the challenges of publishing Kindle e-books as an Australian author.

A drawback for Australian authors publishing on Kindle was having to receive cheques in the mail due to Amazon not supporting the AU dollar.

I’m pleased to announce, this is no longer the case as Amazon now has the new Australian Amazon store.

Here’s the low-down.

Australian Amazon Now Available

You can now go to to shop the Australian retail site. Australian authors who already have published on Kindle via the standard US Kindle dashboard will have their books show up on automatically.

Also, if you’ve already published using the “standard” US KDP dashboard, your book reviews will also carry over to Amazon AU.

Get paid in AU dollars into your bank account

Now Australian authors can be paid royalties from Amazon in AU dollars, direct into an Australian bank account just like US authors have been able to.

Get 70% of royalties from Australian Kindle book sales

Up until now, Australian authors could receive 70% royalties from sales made from readers in the US and some other countries, but sales generated by readers who live in Australia or New Zealand would be subject to a 35% royalty, even if the 70% royalty option was selected in the KDP dashboard.

Now all sales an author makes from those readers living in Australia or New Zealand can get 70% royalties from those sales just as if they were sold in the US.

As I suspected, this move signals availability of Kindle Fire in Australia!

Amazon has also finally released the Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle Fire HDX tablets in Australia through Dick Smith and Big W stores.

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