The Key to Building Lucrative Platforms for Non-Fiction Authors

The Key to Building Lucrative Platforms for Non-Fiction Authors

I’ve spoken to many authors during my time in the publishing industry and the authors who have clearly leveraged their book to accelerate their brand building, all had one thing in common. They had a very clear perspective on how their book is a marketing tool and part of a bigger plan.

If you’re a business owner, campaigner or thought leader who think’s publishing a book might be a worthwhile strategy to help in the marketing of your brand, you’re absolutely right. As some of my clients have found out for themselves through increased lead generation, joint ventures and new clients.

Here’s why.

Your book is your glorified business card

As a non-fiction author, you might be a business owner, campaigner or thought leader who is very knowledgeable in a specific topic. You understand a crucial aspect to any successful enterprise or platform is marketing and awareness. Having a book elevates your credibility to those you meet and positions you in their eyes as an expert. Having a book published helps you spread the word about you and your brand, while you are busy elsewhere.

You can’t be in two places at once, but you and your book can. Instead of giving out your business card at networking events, offer a copy of your book. This will create a much stronger impression than what your business card ever could. Don’t always see your book as the main income generator, but a tool that can be leveraged at live events and functions to help sell yourself to others.

One client is usually worth more than any one book sale.

Authority, credibility and the expert status

Having published a book shows your authority in your industry or on your topic of expertise. It enhances your credibilty as someone ‘in the know‘ to consumers and potential clients. In general, if you’ve written a book, then you clearly know a lot about your subject matter and therefore seen as an expert. Not only does publishing a book help with elevating your expert status in the eyes of consumers and clients, it’s an excellent tool for garnering media attention.

If you can be the ‘go-to’ person for reporters for your topic, you’ll elevate your personal brand to another level entirely.

New income streams

Packaging your knowledge and expertise in a book, is obviously a means of making money. But remember, it’s a super-business card and you’ll make a lot more income from new customers and clients, than the book itself. Additionally, publishing a book often opens up new opportunities such as, speaking engagments and new products.

The speaking circuit will present access to large groups of people interested in what you have to offer. To top it off, you can offer products such as videos, training and coaching to expand upon your inital book offering, maximising your revenue. Often wondered how best-selling authors earn their wealth? This is how.

As you can see, publishing a book can expand your expert status in your industry and fuel it for long term growth and revenue, as you help people achieve their own goals. That’s when you enter the holy grail of platform building…building a legacy.

Beyond the book

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