How to Get a Book Published

Getting started self-publishing the smart way

book cover cafeHi, I’m Anthony Puttee. I’m the founder of Book Cover Cafe. If you’re a new fish entering the publishing ocean, this page is for you! It contains the information you need to get you up and running on your self-publishing journey.

First, we avoid the pitfalls

In the world today, there are several ways to self-publish your book. Technology and change has brought new opportunities for writers to build brands and sell books, but now writers and authors are more confused than ever about how to get a book published.

Not only that, there are countless horror stories of authors being ripped off by vanity self publishing companies that cost the earth and deliver a poor quality book product that doesn’t sell. We’ve helped many authors get back on track, after dealing with one of these companies and I want you to avoid this situation all together and get started on the right track.
You’re reading this because you want to avoid all that, and you can, starting now.

The Self-publish the Smart Way Method

Every day at Book Cover Cafe we help authors self-publish the smart way, by becoming the captain of their own ship and position themselves for success by becoming the author and publisher in one.

There’s no need to hand over control and the profit to a third-party publishing company.

The self-publish the smart way method allows you as an author and publisher in one, to maintain creative control, keep the profit, create a quality book like the big publishers do and decide how you’d like your book to be available to readers around the world.

Here’s the big picture view.

How to Become a Publisher

This picture helps provide the overall process of how to get a book published the smart way, so you get a quick picture what you’re aiming for. We help authors with the whole process.

The benefits of self-publishing the smart way.

  • You maintain creative control on how your book looks.
  • You keep the profit, without any other middle men dipping their hands in your pocket.
  • You can choose the price of your books and the flexibility to change them at will.
  • You can print books for yourself or have them distributed for you, your way.
  • You’ll have the flexibility to implement new methods of promotion without anyone holding you back.
  • You can control how to build your author brand and build a loyal fan base.

Let’s get real and set expectations

Like any destination worth reaching, there is a journey to travel first. We want to enjoy the ride too, so let’s set a few realistic expectations up front now.

  1. You are responsible. You are the driver of your own success as an author. You make your own decisions. There is no overnight quick fix, get rich in 60 minutes schemes here.
  2. Focus and effort wins. There are going to be times where the shiny objects out there will distract you. There will be people telling you how to do things their way left, right and center. Life will throw curve balls at you, we all get them. The difference between the successful self-published authors and those that complain on Facebook, is that they have the ability to focus and not let distractions derail them from their goal.

It’s time to take action!

Below you’ll find 3 resources to help you get underway.

1. Download the free guide — Self-publish the Smart Way

Keep 100% royalties – No contracts – Complete creative control – Print & distribution

how to get a book publishedThis is the first place to get started. It provides an overview and delves into more detail on how to get a book published the smart way. From setting up for publishing, the various book production tasks, printing, copyright and more. Avoid the pitfalls and creating a crappy book product that won’t sell, and get started on the right foot with Self-Publish the Smart Way.

The guide includes:

  • what to avoid in publishing
  • how to self-publish so you maintain control, profit and creative control
  • creating the budget you need
  • what you need to know about book production such as book cover design, print typesetting, e-books, editing and ISBNs
  • printing and distribution
  • how to price your book
  • copyright and more!

2. The Blog

The Book Cover Cafe blog is updated regularly with helpful tips, best practices, news and announcements. The blog continues to be a valuable resource for our clients and many writers and authors over the years. When you download your free guide above, you’ll also get notifications on the recent blog so you don’t miss out.

3. Get in touch

We are here to help. Think of us like your own publishing ninja team, ready to help you make your publishing dream a reality. If you have any questions or need assistance with creating your book, click here to get in touch.

Here’s to your publishing success, and I look forward to chatting with you soon.

Be the captain of your own ship!

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