At Book Cover Cafe, we believe…

  • The best service and support, is personable, focused, with an open mind and open ears.
  • Independent authors, publishers and small presses deserve access to the quality services that are reliable.
  • Trade quality books are a requirement for standing out in the crowd, but without a high investment cost.

You want to avoid being burned or duped and instead have trustworthy people you can turn to when you need them.

You or your client have a message to share with others and want guidance for delivering your message to the world.

Myself, Penny and the rest of the team here at Book Cover Cafe are ready to help you create, publish and release your books to the global marketplace.



A little about me …

I’m Anthony, founder of Book Cover Cafe, an award-winning service provider and trusted resource for independent authors and publishers around the world.

Prior to starting Book Cover Cafe a few years ago, I was a publishing consultant for many years helping authors, small presses and business owners avoid the trappings of publishing today and independently publish and launch their books to a worldwide audience while maintaining control and profit.

I founded Book Cover Cafe due to the increasing demand for honest and trusted advice and services in this new age of publishing.

Myself and the team are passionate about helping people just like yourself craft quality books with our combined experience of over 25 years in publishing with staff having worked at Penguin and Scholastic.

Over the years I’ve spent time on panels with best selling authors and industry professionals and speak at workshops and events offering writers and authors insight into crafting their books and demystifying the evolving publishing industry today.

Our clients have had books rank in the top charts on Amazon and sold thousands of dollars worth of books at events.

They’ve been featured in the media on the ABC Breakfast Show, Seven’s Sunrise morning program and in leading newspapers and magazines including MX, The Courier Mail, The Reporter, Albert & Logan and South City Bulletin.

If you’re a writer or an author, get started here.

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Here’s to your publishing pursuits!

Designer & Founder